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Stacks and Stacks has been a leader and pioneer in offering products to organize and furnish homes, offices, and gardens since 1984. For over 29 years we have searched for products to find the best quality at the best prices. We now offer over 40,000 items on our site, with over 36,000 of them shipping for free. Over these many years we have established an excellent reputation with our Customers as well as the over 1000 vendors we deal with. Our vast experience has enabled us to find the most reliable manufacturers and products, which certainly has contributed to our success.

The business operates in our 20,000 square foot warehouse in Richmond, California. Our offices contain our customer support team, marketing, web development, inventory systems, accounting department, order fulfillment and shipping, and technical operations, which all support our Internet site.

People often ask "Why the name Stacks and Stacks"? Well, if you've ever tried to name a business you'll understand the challenge. When we started, our merchandise mix was exclusively storage and organization products. When we had brick and mortar stores, the aisles were packed with crates, boxes, bins, cubes, and the shelves were piled high to the ceilings. Stacks of organizing items was the inspiration, so why not just call our Company - Stacks and Stacks.

We pride ourselves in having staff members that have been with Stacks for over 25 years. Their experience and knowledge contributes greatly to our success. Many of our people started in our stores or warehouse as sales associates or order pickers, and have risen to positions of greater responsibility. Promoting from within, not outsourcing any functions to other countries, and offering to pay for work related education has created a loyal staff.

We are proud of our accomplishments and milestones like:

Trusted Google Site-

Recently Stacks was honored by being recognized by Google as a “Trusted Google Site”

High Reviews-

Stacks consistently receives excellent customer reviews on our site and Amazon

Amazon last year- 94% positive reviews

Historically over 58,000 positive reviews at 91%

Top 300 Retailer-

Stacks and Stacks has been named one of the top 400 Internet Companies in the United States for the past five years by the prestigious "Internet Retailer" Magazine Top 500 List. (The Fortune 500 list of our Industry)


Over two and a half million customer orders placed and shipped.

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The San Francisco Bay Area is a true melting pot and Stacks has taken advantage of the strong work ethic that these newcomers value. Our roster includes people from Mexico, Laos, Ghana, Cambodia and Mien. The best part of this International staff is exhibited when we have our monthly Pot Luck lunches. Our warehouse is transformed into a gourmet bazaar with delectable dishes from around the world.

Stacks and Stacks, founded in 1984 in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a nationally recognized internet retailer. provides the best solutions for storage and organization, furniture, home furnishings for the living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, and garage Choose from over 40,000 stylish, and affordable products for every room of the home.

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