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One of the most exciting things about going away to college is taking the time to make a dorm your own. The first thing to think about when you're getting ready to go off to school is your dorm décor. It’s a small space, but it’s the first space you can call your own.  By using the space to its full potential with space savers such as bed risers and hide-away plastic storage boxes you’ll have a lot more room to work with.


Setting up your home-away-from-home may be your first effort at decorating. To get ready for any project that you might want to do to decorate your dorm room, you'll want to start with the right tools. Using bed risers to rise up your bed allows for extra storage which will help reduce the clutter in the small space and make room for you to creatively express yourself. If you’re determined not to end up with lots of cast-off items from the basement or garage, you’ll love the great ideas.


Get Colorful


A good starting point for decorating would be to choose your colors. This is your chance to choose exactly what you want. Go for it! You might not be inclined toward the “hot pink” dorm room like in the movie "Legally Blonde", but choosing a favorite color can really help you focus. Bright colors are hot, but soothing colors like blue or sage and hues of purple work well too.


Get Organized


Look around at the great organizing items to keep your dorm room in tip-top shape. A stackable folding bookcase saves space and can be moved easily, a great choice for the young student.  Bed risers are a wonderful tool for dorm rooms. By lifting your bed up you’re giving yourself more space for the fun things in college life. Book shelves, closet organizers and shoe racks are all useful tools to get the most out of that small space.


Get Comfortable


A great piece for any room is a soft pillow to lounge on. Comfy seating is a must—for relaxing with new friends or studying. You might like a soft bean bag chair or a fold-away chair that converts into a futon for guests. A lot of college students use bed risers to lift their bed and store extra pillows inflatable mattresses underneath their beds for when they have late study sessions or out-of-town guests.


Get Enlightened


You’ve got to have good study lighting. The sleek, simple lines of a desk lamp would look great!

If you have the room and the budget, decorative lighting can add a lot to your dorm room décor. Or you might hang one or two colorful paper lanterns for a fun look.


There are many things that will make this space your own. Just remember that storage space in a dorm room is often minimal and you’ll have to make every inch of your room count. Make use of room under your bed with an under-bed box, or if the bed is too low, try a set of bed risers.

Check your budget, choose your colors wisely and you'll be on your way to a great dorm room.

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