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Choosing your shoe storage is a big decision - from shoe racks to shoe boxes; and shoe bags to shoe closets, the shoe organizer options are endless. But, if you're like most, you might not have given much thought to organizing your shoes. After all, who wants to shop for a shoe organizer, when you could be shopping for shoes?  But when your shoes start to spill out of your closet and threaten to swallow you whole, it's time to start shopping for a shoe organizer - here are a few really great shoe organizers.

Shoe Boxes - When it comes to shoe boxes, clear is cool. Look for a clear shoe box that opens from the front so you can always see what shoe is where. Clear shoe boxes are great for so many reasons. For starters, they allow you to look at your beautiful shoe collections with out damaging them or letting those gorgeous heals get covers in dust.

Shoe Racks- Shoe racks rock! Many are freestanding, and lock together easily in seconds. Some hold up to fifty pairs of women's shoes and are the shoe organizer of your dreams. You can also get stackable shoe racks. So, as your shoe collection grows, so can your shoe organizer.

Over-the-Door Shoe Racks - Some over-the-door shoe racks will hold up to 36 pairs of shoes and will easily hang over most hinged doors. The thing about this shoe organizer system is that it displays the shoes upright and facing forward.

Shoe Cubbies – Shoe cubbies are often a wonderfully decorative way for you to store your prized pumps out in the open without tampering with that home décor you worked so hard to create.  A shoe storage cubbie bench offers a place to sit while getting ready!  They are often available in tasteful woods such as oak and cedar and add a lovely accent to your home without having to hide your shoes away.

There are so many shoe organizer options that is seems ridiculous to hide your shoes under the bed or in a dark corner of the closet. Often, shoes are a work of art and a way many people choose to express their inner fashionista. Why put them in a corner when you can flaunt them in your closet as well as on your feet?

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