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It is expensive, not to mention aggravating, to lose earrings. Here are some simple ways to keep them much longer. Itís easy to take off your earrings when you get home and just toss them anywhere. But by doing this, you could risk losing them forever.  A simple investment in an revolving earring holder or earring stoppers could save you from this loss.


Earring Stoppers for Your Fish Hook Earrings


Many people donít realize that when they buy earrings and there are rubber stoppers on the back of the card, that they can use them to keep the earrings on their ears. If you already own fish hook earrings but didnít keep the rubber safety stoppers (or the earrings didnít come with safety stoppers), you can buy rubber stoppers for the back to make sure your wonít lose them. They take an extra moment to put on, but they work like magic.


Easy Storage When NOT Wearing Your Earrings


Storing earrings properly makes it much harder to lose earrings. Using a proper earring holder is crucial. From compartment boxes to earring stands, a good earring holder will help you to keep track of all your favorite pairs.  Youíll want 2 places to store your earrings. One place will be in your purse so if for any reason you need to take your earrings off,  you have a designated place; the second place should be at your home. If you only own a few pairs of earrings, you can keep them all in the same portable place. However, many of us have several pairs of earrings.

To store earrings in your purse, use a small, silk zippered bag. Use an earring holder at home.


Use a Travel Earring Holder


Nothing is worse than losing your favorite pair of earrings on vacation or a business trip. When traveling, be sure to use a travel jewelry organizer, like this genuine leather travel jewelry case for safe travel with jewelry. There are many options that are perfect for traveling. Earring holders come in handy and handsome traveling cases these days for clutches to portable jewelry boxes.


Not being able to find your earrings in the morning, is almost the same as losing them as you canít wear them when you want. So make sure the place at home keeps your earrings neat and easy to find like an earring holder.

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