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Is one of your goals in 2009 to get organized and build your dream closet? Installing closet organizers, storage cubes and shoe racks can help you get rid of that mess thatís threatening to expand beyond the closet and swallow your bedroom whole.  Storage cubes and other organizers can give you the space and clarity that youíre craving in 2009.   2009 also arrived with a tight budget. So before the cost of getting organized overwhelms you, consider doing it on the cheap; wait for a sale of look for websites and outlets that sell wholesale stackable storage cubes and closet organizers. Donít let the price tag stop you from achieving your goals.   Here are four simple steps that will break down the process and put you on the path towards your clutter-free life and dream closet in 2009.  

Clean it out

This is the very first thing that should be done. This means removing absolutely everything and storing it in another location as the next steps are considered and brought into play. Yes, your house will be a mess during this process, but the results should be worth the inconvenience.  

Weed it out

Before you can bring in storage cubes and other organizing tools, you have to weed through the junk. Dumping things that have been sitting in a closet for years can be difficult, but it's an absolute must. Whether its clothes, shoes or paperwork, go through the items one by one and decide what stays and what goes. If you haven't used something in more than a year, get rid of it.  

Space it out

Now that the cluttered old closet has been gutted, it's time to decide the best set up for organizing the items that will go back in.  Examine the area and the contents and decide what youíre going to need. What type of shoe rack? How many storage cubes will you need?  

Measure it out

Once you have a game plan, it's time to measure the space buy the system that best fits the closet and your needs. Take your time on this part and make sure you measure twice and shop once.  Even if you purchased wholesale storage cubes, you want to buy the right amount and keep your budget as small as possible.   A good closet organization system can really help keep a house in order and make finding things easier. When a little time and effort goes into the prospect, there's no reason that even a small closet can't work wonders with the help of storage cubes and organizers.

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