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Shoes are usually the last item of our wardrobe that we put on, and most of the time it is just before we are running out the door. It is important to keep your shoes arranged in an orderly fashion which will save you time! Get your shoe racks in order and head out the door in record time.

Clean out the Closet

Get your shoes out of your closet. Go on...You can do it! You're probably afraid of what you will find in there, but conquering your fears is an important part of the process. Empty the shoe racks, dig into the back corners and clean it out.

Out with the Old

If you've seen all four seasons pass without wearing a pair of shoes, it's time to say goodbye. Put them all into a box and surprise a local charity with your old shoes. There are always people in need that can put these items to great use.

Organize Shoes using Shoe Racks

If you have more than five pairs of shoes, think about closet shoe racks for your shoes. It will help you easily locate your shoes, and keep them in order.

"Clique" those Heels Together

Designate rows on your shoe racks for specific styles of shoes. For example, sneakers would be grouped together on one shelf, heels on another or flip flops get a shelf of their own.

Store your Seasonal Shoes

Shoes can accumulate and you may not have the room to store them all in one place. In that case, if you have an extra closet or extra room under your bed you can store your shoes in a storage container or underbed shoe chest, and only keep your current season shoes in your main closet.

Once you have cleaned out the shoe closet and organized your shoe racks to keep a handle on where that perfect shoe for you day is. No more scrambling for the other shoe or the perfect pump for your outfit. At a glance, you can grab those shoes and head out the door in record time.

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