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Bakers Rack, Baker Racks, Kitchen Shelving & Wrought Iron Baker's Racks

Bakers Racks can be found in our Dining Room Furniture store, with over 30 choices, each with its own distinct style, and always at the best prices! A baker's rack is usually a tall piece of furniture, either open or with cabinets. A bakers rack can find its home in more than just one room. In the kitchen, a baker's rack offers a place to store food staples, beautiful Canisters, and often has a work surface for chopping and food prep. Some can hold small appliances like a coffee maker or even a small microwave! Just as important as the kitchen is the use of a bakers rack in the dining room. Here, these act as more decorative than functional pieces. It's a great place to store beautiful china for your guests to admire, favorite framed photos of your kids and other collectibles. Check out our great selection, and our tips on how to choose and what types of racks we carry.

Metal Bakers Racks

A metal baker's rack can give off many different vibes, but always adding an important element to your decor. For a cute country look, wrought iron is a favorite! These metal racks are a great place to set a basket of veggies and fruits, fresh from your garden (or the store). If you want something more antique and classic, an intricately detailed pewter rack is sure to give you the look you want. And, for more contemporary styled homes, a black metal rack with very clean lines does the job.

Wooden Bakers Racks

Wooden baker's racks are beautiful, elegant, and offer cabinet space for items that you don't need daily access to. A white painted wood bakers rack with a stainless steel top is a must have for chefs, both the professional and amateur type! An oak cabinet rack with metal details has a beautiful French Country charm, and also allows you to hide dishes in the cabinet beneath! Whatever type of baker's rack you are looking for, this is a great place to start shopping!
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