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Bathroom Soap Dispensers, Stainless Soap Dispenser, and Soap Dispeners

A Bathroom Soap Dispenser is a wonderful thing! Find Bathroom Soap Dispensers including Stainless Soap Dispensers for the kitchen and bath in our bathroom accessories store. We have every style, size and type of soap dispenser available. On the very basic side are simple soap pumps that are great for the kitchen and bathroom. Brushed steel and chrome are very popular choices, as they lend a very clean, modern look to your bathroom decor. We also have clear acrylic and glass containers that are a great way to show off colored and scented liquid soaps. For a more classic, traditional look, ceramic and frosted glass dispensers are a great choice! And we even have traditional soap dishes, like the fun wishbone soap dish and more.

Soap Pumps

Next to the bathroom sink, a soap pump offers an easy, inviting way to clean your hands after using the restroom. This is a great way to get kids to learn to wash their hands, as liquid soap is easier to use than soap bars. Choose from beautiful stainless steel dispensers and more. A hands free soap pump is the ultimate protector against germ spreading, as it senses your hand before you even touch the pump, dispensing just the right amount of soap for cleansing. Twin soap pumps are a great idea in most homes. They allow you to keep lotion in one pump and soap in the other, to keep your hands clean and smooth every time!

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Wall mounted soap dispensers are very popular in bathrooms, because they take up no counter space, and are very easy to use. Simple designs of one container wall pumps are great next to the sink. In the shower, choose a double or triple dispenser model to keep your shampoo, conditioner and body wash separated and easy to use each time you bathe! Some wall mounted dispensers even have baskets built in to them, acting as shower caddy as well!
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