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Bathroom Toilet Brushes, Plunger, and Toilet Towel Brush

A Bathroom Toilet Brush is a must have for every bathroom! For the very best Plunger or Toilet Bowl Brush, look no further than our bathroom accessories store at Stacks & Stacks. For each room of the home, we strive to bring you the best products at the best prices everyday, and the bathroom is no exception. From deluxe towel racks to European style towel warmers and more, we have the tools to make your bathroom a private spa at home. When remodeling a bathroom, fixtures including faucets and shower curtains are some of the first things that we consider upgrading, and some of the more useful tools, including bathroom toilet brushes and plungers, are often overlooked. But, in fact these essential bathroom tools can be made to disappear or stand out, whatever you choose! Check out our selection, which includes some of the most unique an elegant designs of everything from toilet brushes to plungers and more for your master or guest bath!

Toilet Brushes

We have some of the best looking toilet brushes around, hard to believe, yet true. Stainless steel and chrome are very popular in the bathroom for everything from faucets to shower caddies and more, for good reason! Stainless steel is unaffected by the humid bathroom settings. It is also easy to clean and has a very clean, chic look to it. These qualities apply equally to stainless steel toilet brushes. And we have a very large selection from which to choose. A great new invention is the wall mounted toilet brush. This keeps the brush out of the hands of little ones and pets, and is a very discreet option for a toilet brush. A great alternative to chrome is porcelain. We have beautiful white porcelain brush canisters with stainless steel accents.


A plunger doesn't have to be an eyesore! Choose from one of our expertly designed plungers, each designed to be unnoticed or at least unrecognizable! The OXO plunger with canister is a hands free use plunger, very discreet and attractive. If you really don't want to see the plunger, a built in hideaway is the right choice for you!
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