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Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Tissue Holders, Toilet Paper Holders

A Toilet Paper Holder is a must have in every bathroom, but we have a selection of updated toilet tissue holders and dispensers, modern in both their style and function! Check out our selection of over 30 toilet paper holders, with styles ranging from stainless steel to white and glass to wood! If you don't want to drill into the wall, we have specially designed holders that use suction cups, and even models that hang over the toilet tank - the ultimate in space saving inventions! For a little humor, a bath tissue valet, in the form of dogs, gnomes and frogs, is always ready with toilet tissue when you need it! Tissue boxes and trash cans are another great way to complete your bathroom look.

Single Roll Dispensers

For a traditional, single roll toilet paper dispenser, stainless steel is a very popular option, because it has a very clean, sterile look to it. The OXO stainless steel extra roll holder has a see through lid so that you know that extra roll of toilet paper is sanitary, free from floating airborne germs in the bathroom. A simple, white freestanding toilet tissue holder gives the look of country charm, and allows you to skip drilling into the walls and cabinets.

Toilet Paper Holders and Storage

To keep extra toilet tissue handy at all times, we have some very stylish options available. Canisters in chrome and brushed steel are very stylish, sleek and discrete, no one has to know what's in them. If you don't care to hide them, simple twisted silver poles hold up to 4 rolls of extra toilet paper, that way guests don't have to ask when the roll runs out.
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