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Personal Care, Massagers, Bath Care and more!

To feel your best everyday, we have a great selection of tried and true Personal Care products to keep on hand in your bathroom. With something to please all the senses, you can live a more relaxed, comfortable life at home, away from all the hustle and bustle. Massage tools are great for DIY relaxing, and much more affordable than professional massages. Bath tub accessories keep your bath at its highest functioning level, and special beauty tools help you to look your best each day! Check out our selection of personal care tools and accessories to start feeling better now! These products all make great gifts for friends and family, year round.

Massagers & Accessories

At home massage products have really gained momentum in the world of shopping, as they are a great investment, very inexpensive compared to weekly visits to the masseuse. Also, it's nice to have them at home to cure aches and pains whenever you want, no appointment necessary! Hand held massagers allow you to really get a custom massage on just the right spot. Choose from lotion filled massagers, hot and cold models and more. A heating pad allows you rest after a long day, and a neck massager does all the work for you. For an entire body massage, the body energizer massage station is a great choice. And, if your feet are tired, a vibrating foot massager may be just what you need.

Bath Accessories and Beauty Tools

Many people find that a nice warm bath after a long day is the best therapy out there. To keep your bath running in tip top shape, we have some great tools, like the bath topper which allows you to enjoy a fuller bath, and the drain stopper plug, which is a cinch to use for kids and grownups alike. To look your best, an at home air brush tanning system gives professional tanning results at a fraction of the cost. Ceramic flat irons and curling irons are also available, updated with LCD screens and more functions.
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