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Bathroom Safety


Bathroom Safety, Bathroom Safety Products and Bathroom Safety Bar

Bathroom Safety is very important. At home, one of the most likely places for accidents to occur is in the bathroom. This is true for kids, adults and seniors. Many accidents can be prevented with just a little planning and the right tools. We have compiled a wide variety of Bathroom Safety Products and aides to get you in and around the bathroom safely. These products are especially important in homes where children or senior citizens live, but are also very useful for everyone of all ages. To keep children and pets out of the bathroom, which is a dangerous place for them to be alone, start with great grips door handle covers. Adults can get in the bathroom, but not children. An automatic flushing system on the toilet helps keep the handle clean, reducing the spread of dangerous germs around the home.

Tub Rails and Non Slip Mats

In and around the bath tub and toilet, it's important to think ahead to avoid slips. Installing grip bars, also known as grab rails around the bathtub help to get you in and out of the tub and shower safely. A wet bathtub or wet bathroom floor is a very dangerous place to walk, as slipping occurs very easily and the falling surface is very hard. Non slip bath mats are an inexpensive fix for this problem. We have specially designed adhesive bathroom safety strips that adhere to the bottom of the tub and give you a safe place to walk. Since they are adhesive, there is no tripping like you have on traditional bath mats. Choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes and colors. A raised toilet seat with arms is helpful for those with limited mobility, and ensures that they can sit themselves safely on the toilet each time.

Shower Stools and Seats

For safe shaving, and also necessary for many people with limited mobility, a shower stool or seat can't be beat! These are available as very simple stools, and more deluxe models with backs and arm rests. For more great bathroom products, check out our personal care selection.
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