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Shower Caddy, Chrome Shower Caddy, and Shower Caddies

A Shower Caddy such as a Chrome Shower Caddy is functional and stylish! Shower Caddies are found in most homes and are increasingly popular because they are truly a space-efficient bathroom organizer. By taking up space that really can't be used for anything else, the shower walls, they create storage in the bathroom for shampoo bottles, soaps and more, freeing up your counters and the space around the bathtub, and at the same time, keeping your most important toiletries at hand, ready to make your life easier and your time spent in the shower to a minimum! Shower caddies are also inexpensive and easy to use: simply hang them over the shower head in your bathroom and you have an instant bathroom organizer! All of this and more has earned them the top spot on the list of must have bathtub and shower organizers, and we've got a great selection for you to browse, without ever leaving your home! Chrome and stainless steel are popular because of their style, and because they don't succumb to water damage as easily as others. If you prefer a lower profile look, we also have crystal clear acrylic shower caddies and white coated steel models.

Specialty Shower Caddies

With the great advancements in technology both in the bathroom and around the home, shower caddies have kept up with the pace, going a long way towards making your bathroom more organized and streamlining your morning routine. Here are some of the new manufacturer inventions to help you achieve these goals (NOTE: Not all models carry these features, check each individual item separately to see what it has to offer). Slippage: To avoid slippage of your shower caddy, some organizers use suction cups which adhere to tile, and some use rings that keep them from slipping down the shower head. Bottle Use: Some caddies have special holes for the tops of your shampoo bottle so that you can store them upside down, a great money and time saver! Razor and accessory hooks: If you tend to lose your razor, a specially designed hook holds one or two razors, keeping them off the shower floor. For an alternative to the shower head caddy, check out our selection of Curtain Rod Caddies, which hang over the curtain rod instead of the shower head!
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