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Bathroom Towel Warmers, Electric Towel Warmer, Bath Towel Warmers

A Towel Warmer speaks European elegance! For the ultimate in Bathroom luxuries, our Towel Warmers can't be beat! That's why the Europeans have been using these for decades! An electric towel warmer is always there with warm, cozy towels after a shower or bath. While they are not designed to heat the whole bathroom, these amazing appliances do add a touch of warmth to the surrounding areas. Towel warmers use electricity to warm a stainless steel tube. They are very energy efficient and safe, and can help to control extra moisture and mildew in the bathroom. With all the different sizes, shapes and colors available, they also make a great design statement in the bathroom. Check out our great selection to find the right one for your home or guest bathroom!

Freestanding Towel Warming Racks

Find the best Freestanding towel warmers from Warmrails and more! A Euro Floor warmer has a contemporary look, perfect for modern bathroom decors. From chrome to brass and even gold towel racks, the possibilities are endless here. Choose from 3 towel racks to 4, 5, and even higher capacities. In the guest bathroom, a towel warmer with a shelf is very nice, offering a pile of folded, warm guest towels for your visitors! And, in the master bathroom, a gold towel rack gives you the elegant look you are looking for!

Wall Mounted Towel Warmers

Wall mounted towel warmers are becoming more popular because they are a very space efficient appliance. By mounting these racks to the wall, you can save valuable floor space, and you also don't have to worry about tipping the towel warmer over! We have great designs available, including basket styles, and stacking towel racks, just like you see in hotels, and just as great at home! Check out our entire line of beautiful towel racks and more bathroom accessories to furnish your home!
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