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Vanity, Vanities and Vanity Stools, Bedroom Vanities and more!

A Vanity is luxurious and practical. If you've got the space in the bedroom, Vanities and Vanity Stools can really turn what was a dull bedroom into a special retreat! Everyone gets ready for work in the morning, and for bed at night. A bedroom vanity can do wonders for style and function, and help to make your morning routine more enjoyable and more efficient. Choose from a variety of styles, finishes, materials and prices to find the right piece for your bedroom retreat!

Vanities for Primping

Every woman can imagine herself primping at a vanity, just like we have all seen in old movies. It is fun, efficient and, let's face it, it just feels good! Choose a vanity with a mirror designed just for you. A single, large mirror atop a vanity offers a clean look, and a large work area, perfect for doing hair and putting on makeup. Some of our vanities come with three mirrors, some tilting and some adjustable so that you can get a better angle on things when you need to. This is ideal for those who spend a lot of time perfecting hairdos and other styles. Choose from a variety of styles, including antique look vanity sets, and more modern versions that feature very clean lines and updated colors.

Vanities for Storage and Organization

A vanity can provide style to your room, and can help you get ready in the morning before work, but it also can do so much more. A vanity with built in storage can hold makeup, jewelry and hair products. If all you need to get ready is a hairbrush and some makeup, a small drawer may suffice, leaving you with a very elegant, clean vanity table. If you have a lot of jewelry, a jewelry armoire is a great choice, and we even have vanities with built in jewelry organizers.
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