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Bathroom Shelves and Hooks


Wall Mounted Bathroom Organizers, Wall Mount Organizer and Wall Mounted Organizers

A Wall Mounted Bathroom Organizer or Wall Mount Organizer can be incredibly useful! To maximize storage space in the bathroom, check out our selection of Wall Mounted Bathroom Organizers. With everything from soap dispensers to tumblers, glass shelves and more, you can outfit your entire bathroom with affordable pieces everyday. To keep vanity clutter to a minimum, why not use the walls surrounding it? We have beautiful stainless steel wall mounted accessories, including soap dispensers, soap dishes, glass tumblers and more. These are all things that normally take up counter space that now can be mounted to the bathroom wall instead! A wall mount hair dryer holder keeps your most important grooming tool off the counter and organized on the wall. Check out these and many more great storage solutions for the Bathroom.

Suction Organizers

Suction cup style organizers have long been popular in the bathroom. Since their invention, suction cups have come a long way. They are much stronger now than they used to be, allowing them to hold heavier items like corner baskets and more. In the shower, suction hooks and organizers can hold soap, washcloths, razors and more. And, they also work well on glass mirrors, to hold your toothbrush and other accessories. Here are some tips on using suction cups effectively. First, choose a flat, non porous surface. Tile, glass and mirrors work well. Next, clean the surface carefully with alcohol, making sure to get any soap scum, glue and other debris off. Allow it to air dry, which alcohol does very quickly. Wet the suction cup surface slightly, and apply with pressure to the area. It's always good to let the suction cup sit as is for at least a few hours before putting any weight on it. Voila! You now have bathroom organizers without having to drill into the walls!

Wall Mounted Shelves

A small wall mounted shelf in the bathroom can help with both style and organization. We have beautiful glass shelves with chrome hardware and accents, perfect for adding a clean look and a clean surface for your bathroom accessories. For decorative purposes, a small candle, glass of seashells and your favorite framed photographs can add a touch of style and personality to your bathroom.
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