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Bed Risers

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Bed Risers & Bed Elevators Lift your Bed Effortlessly!

In the bedroom, there are many good reasons to use Bed Risers. Whether your bed just needs a lift or your bedroom decor needs a makeover, bed risers will rise to the occasion for you. Bed risers are easy to install and work well on most types of bed frames - check each individual product to see limitations. We carry bed risers that are made of metal, plastic and wood, so the possibilities for matching your current decor in the bedroom are endless. Some are adjustable in height, and some can be stacked for extra space from the floor. Queen and king size beds sometimes need extra support in the center of the bed, so be sure to check the descriptions to see how many you should purchase.

Bed Risers for Instant Storage Space

Are you afraid to open your closet for fear of everything falling out? You may feel like you have run out of storage space all of your house, and the bedroom is no exception. Well, have you looked under your bed? Bed risers can create instant storage space under the bed that you never knew existed before. Simply install your bed risers and then use underbed storage boxes to hold literally everything around the home! Out of season clothes - sweaters in the summer and shorts in the winter - are a favorite of many under bed storage users. It's also a great place for holiday decorations and your kids' old school work and art. Have fun discovering this whole new world of space-efficient living that is under your bed!

Bed Risers for a Sophisticated Bedroom Look

Another reason to use bed risers is simply for the look. The higher the bed, the more sophisticated your look is, put simply. Without having to buy new bedroom furniture, you can change the look of your room almost instantly to create a very chic bedroom getaway.
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