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Bed Support Pillows, Memory Foam Pillows, Wedge Cushions and more!

Find a great selection of Bed Support Pillows and more in our bedroom store at Stacks & Stacks. Bed support pillows are designed to correct improper posture, including sleep posture problems. Some pillows, like the memory foam neck pillows are designed to work while you sleep. Others allow you to spend a certain amount of time each day relaxing, supported by pillows that will help correct many different types of body aches, from the legs all the way on up to the head! Discover a happier body and a better night's sleep with one of our expertly designed body support pillows! And, to complete the experience, don't forget a comfortable, beautiful set of bedding.

Wedge Cushions and Pillows

Wedge pillows are very popular, as they are a versatile pillow with many different uses and outcomes. For the lower back, a wedge cushion placed under the knees takes the pressure off of the lower back, giving instant to relief to pain in this area. A contour wedge cushion, like the sooth-a-ciser wedge, is designed for the upper body. It restores the natural curve of the neck, relieving tension headaches and general neck pain. Other specialty pillows include the knee elevator, and a magnetic therapy pillow that uses magnets to sooth an aching body. Choose from memory foam wedge pillows, polyurethane foam and many more options.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam forms to your body, cradling it exactly where it is needed. For this reason, memory foam pillows have become increasingly popular over the years. Memory foam is available in mattress form, and also smaller pillow options, including neck pillows, contour pillows, and bed support pillows. A memory foam leg wedge helps to increase circulation, while a memory foam leg pillow fits in between your legs, to straighten out your spine. And, finally, a memory foam body pillow provides comfort and helps with posture while you sleep.
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