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Jewelry Organizers and Storage, Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Trays and Jewelry Drawer Organizers!

Find Jewelry Organizers of all types in our online store, including beautiful and affordable jewelry boxes! We have something for every type of jewelry, designed to keep it safe, sound and, most importantly, easy to find! Our bathroom countertop organizers feature drawers for jewelry storage and are made of crystal clear acrylic, great for protecting your gems and they make it nice to see what you are looking for without digging! Choose from models with three drawers, or multi purpose storage with a combination of earring holes and open drawers for bracelets and rings. A great, space efficient way to store jewelry is in a bag, designed with thirty or more pockets for all of your jewelry. These organizers hang right over the closet rod, and can be rolled up for traveling! For a large collection, jewelry wall racks are a great way to go, with maximum capacity options.

Jewelry Drawer Dividers and Trays

Jewelry trays can be used in your dresser drawers, or even on the countertop. If you have an extra drawer in your dresser, a drawer divider designed especially for jewelry is a great storage idea. Our dividers come in over 10 different models, each designed to hold something different, from earrings to bracelets and rings. These trays can be stacked to maximize jewelry storage in your bedroom. The velvet lined clear boxes are ideal for protecting gems.

Necklace Hangers and Organizers

Whenever possible, necklaces should be stored in a stretched out position - this is the best way to them from getting tangles and tears. No more broken chains! You can achieve this optimal storage position in one of two ways. You can hang them. We have wall mounted racks that you can hang necklaces, bracelets and anklets on, and also tabletop necklace spinners that can go on your dresser drawer. If you don't have the hanging space in your bedroom, we also have trays that are designed for laying long chains out flat. If you have a very stiff necklace, a large, open tray works well, allowing it to stay in its open position to avoid bends and kinks.
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