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Jewelry Cleaners, Silver Polish, Sonic Jewelry Cleaning Machines & more!

Keep your jewelry in its very best condition with one of our Jewelry Cleaners. From traditional foam silver polishes to travel jewelry wipes, and many more options in between, we’ve got a great selection of jewelry cleaners for you to use at home and on the go! First, a note on Delicate Jewelry: Always Read Directions on each jewelry cleaner you purchase to see if it’s appropriate for the type of gem or metal you are cleaning. Pearls, turquoise and other opaque stones can dissolve in some liquids, and other precious metals are not always suitable for each cleaner. Read on to find out what types of jewelry cleaners are available at Stacks & Stacks!

Liquid Jewelry Baths and Silver Polish

A very popular choice for years has been liquid jewelry cleaners. These handy cleaners give your jewelry a bath in chemicals that are designed to clean metals and stones without any scrubbing or polishing. Therefore, they are very easy to use and affordable. Just drop your jewelry into the liquid and in seconds you will have gems that look like new! If you like to polish, we also carry traditional foam silver polishes that are suitable for silver jewelry and some silver serving ware.

Sonic Jewelry Cleaners

For professional jewelry cleaning results at home, a sonic jewelry bath is a great choice! These unique machines use powerful ultrasonic waves to blast dirt, debris and tarnish off of your jewelry. Just plug it in, drop your jewelry in the liquid and turn it on for professionally cleaned gems at a fraction of the price! This is a great one to keep right next to your jewelry box.

Jewelry Wipes and Polishing Cloths

To keep your jewelry sparkly on the go, jewelry polishing cloths and wipes are the way to go. These cleaners require no liquid and are small and flexible, so you can throw them in your travel jewelry bag without taking up too much space in your suitcase. Keep a container of disposable jewelry wipes in your glove box for last minute shining!

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