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Product of the Week - MP3 Alarm Clock Radio

MP3 Alarm Clock Radio

Wake in the morning to your favorite tunes on your mp3 player, or any radio station you want, with this digital alarm clock radio.

Great for students who need to appear life-like for an 8 a.m. class.
It features an mp3 or iPod docking station (not a recharger), with built in 3.5mm cable, and connects to CD players as well. More info.

Posted August 1, 2007, filed in New Products


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From radio electro, February 12 2009

thanks for this good news

From daniel, June 30 2009

What an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing

From Owners corporation, October 21 2009

It would be lovely to wake up listening to my favorite song..Thanks for sharing the information.

From Heating and Cooling Portland, October 29 2009

Waking up to your favorite tune is a very good concept…

From jp@Traxxas RC, April 30 2010

It would be nice if it also charged your I-pod as well. Still a pretty cool alarm clock. How is the sound quality?

From Rory Ramsden, May 14 2010

After looking over this blog post I took a look around the site. You have done a great job gathering all this information.

Rory Ramsden's last blog post..A New Product Launch: Take the Long Term View

From Archos mp3 Player, June 3 2010

It's a great idea to wake up to music that I have pre-pragramed, Thank you.

From Mike, June 14 2010

I don't like getting up at all but if I have to I guess I would like it to be to my favorite music

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