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Beth's Hack: Trash Bag Tango

tangoI found this at “Liz’s Eyeview” where Liz was reading “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh. Mr Walsh suggests:

   • “…Grab 2 trash bags. Everyday for a week take ten minutes to go around your home and fill one bag with trash - old papers, torn and unusable clothing, out-of-date magazines, anything that you would classify garbage.

   • Fill the other with items you want out of your house. Maybe you want to give them to a friend or family member or charity.

Just a consistent 10 minutes a day is all this technique asks of you. Commit to this and you will see significant changes.

   • Do this everyday for a week and you’ll notice a huge difference. Do this everyday for one month and everyone else will notice a huge difference. Do it everyday for 3 months and you’ll conquer the clutter in your home.”

I “scheduled” this into my housework to-do list on MWF for a month and it has made a H-U-G-E difference in my home which includes 2 toddlers and 2 parents with ADD/ADHD! *wink*

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Submitted by Clutter Control Freak Blog Reader Beth Sundman

Posted August 6, 2007, filed in Reader Hacks


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From aBookworm, August 6 2007

Sounds really useful. I wish I'd thought of this earlier.

From themamamamama, August 7 2007

This is my favorite idea. I savored reading it. Problem is, as I was reading it, I was envisioning going through other people's houses.

From Barbala, August 7 2007

What a good idea - to a point. Please consider donating any items in good condition to a local charity. Recycle any items that you can: paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. Please don't just haul the things you no longer want to a landfill - you will not only feel good about your newly-uncluttered space, but also feel good about helping our planet.

From Liza's Eyeview, August 16 2007

Thanks for the link Beth. I'm still dancing the Trashbag Tango and doing well.

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