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Dolly's Hack: Every Second Counts

Medicine CabinetWhile brushing your teeth:

   • Clean out the medicine cabinet
   • Look for expired or empty containers
   • Straighten it up.

Submitted by Clutter Control Freak Blog reader Dolly Acosta

Posted August 7, 2007, filed in Reader Hacks


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From Ann Deluty, August 7 2007

Many people complain they don't have time to exercise. Once the medicine cabinet is cleaned out they can do what I do, leg lifts. I have a timer in my electric toothbrush so I just keep kicking until 30 seconds are up for each side and direction. Bingo! 2 minutes of exercise.

From Kelly S, August 8 2007


i do this all the time. i know it's bad but i use the olay facial cloths, and after i wash my face, i'll wipe out the sink (toothpaste, soap, makeup) with the facial cloths.

obviously i do a much more thorough cleaning job later, but it works to help keep the sink from looking too bad, and it keeps it clean for my hubby and daughter to get ready, as they leave much later than i do.

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