Errand Running made easy.


woman hurryingAre you tired of standing in line at the same store for the third time in a week? Do you sometimes waste time driving around in search of items you can’t find? Or are you frustrated by a list of seemingly endless stops?

Try these seven tips to simplify your errand running.

1. Stop running errands on impulse. Consolidate them. Declare an errand day. Schedule one time each week to take care of all of your errands. This will save time and gas!

2) Keep a running list of supplies that are needed. If you are “running low” on an item, add it to the list. Have everyone in the family get involved. If your son uses the last squeeze of toothpaste, it’s his job to add it to the list. (Stacks and Stacks has this “All Out Of” pad, and a Shopping List Keeper.)

3) Menu-plan. Plan your meals for the week and then, grocery shop once a week. This will save you the time and effort that it takes to stop every night. Laura blogs about it.

4) Call first. Before you drive to the store, make a call. It may save you a trip. Schedule an appointment at a salon instead of waiting in line where “walk-ins are welcome.”

5) Map the route. Plan your route to avoid back tracking. If you map your errands in a clockwise order you’ll avoid time-wasting left hand turns. Consider shopping at a mall where you’re able to take care of several errands at once.

6) Sort your groceries at the check-out. Bag “like items” together. Pack frozen items together to keep them cold. Unpacking groceries is a breeze when everything is presorted.[LG]Try this bag for frozen foods![/LG]

7) Go online. Think of the internet as your new best friend. It’s a great resource and time saver. Many errands can be eliminated by taking advantage of online services.


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