Steps to organizing a lazy susan


cabinet beforeThis morning I tackled my lazy susan. I use the top shelf in this cupboard mainly for spices and the bottom cupboard is my baking shelf. However I haven’t organized it in over a year and it was definitely due to be done.

I always have to laugh because for a person who doesn’t enjoy baking I sure have a lot of baking supplies…what’s with that?! You can’t say I don’t try…lol.

Whew…definitely overflowing with stuff spilling out everywhere and clearly no boundaries present anymore. I couldn’t stand it a moment longer so I set to work. First I pulled everything out onto the counter. The mess got so much worse before it got better.

cabinet afterI’m using this basket now to store some of my baking supplies. [LG]And this is a big help too![/LG]

So after a lot of rearranging and purging, here is the final product: You can see I use a lot of containers to keep “like sorted with like”. I absolutely have to have everything similar contained in the same spot. I also gave the spices a new more functional container.

I like to keep my spices here for a couple of reasons….first to keep them out of view and from cluttering up my countertop and because the lazy susan is right beside the stove for ease of use.

Items were put back into the lazy susan with the things I use most often towards the front. I am very happy to have this tackle done and am feeling quite the sense of accomplishment today. I keep opening the cupboard to take a peek at it!

See here for how I ended up labeling my spice jars.


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