Organizing your lightbulbs and batteries


Lightbulbs and batteries….we all have them…we all need them…but where to keep them so you can find them is the question.

Ideally you would want to store such things in a central part of the home so they are easily accessible. I have always stored lightbulbs and batteries together… just occurred to me that one doesn’t need the other BUT….somehow it just makes sense…..they are both things that have to be replaced often.

In my old home I had a closet where I kept these items tucked away in baskets. In this home I don’t have that luxury on my main floor so instead I do this….. I LOVE these drawer units. Not only do they hold a lot but they are clear so you know what you have!

Of course I wouldn’t want this displayed in my living room for two reasons. One, they aren’t the most attractive things and two, visual clutter does NOT lead to peacefulness (see previous post). I keep this unit in my study right beside the computer…accessible but not noticeable from the living room where I do the majority of my relaxing.

So if you are still with me at this point let me run through what I keep in each drawer starting from the top:
** The first drawer holds my P-Touch for labelling (!!!) as well as my Mp3/CD player.
** Next we have my tool drawer. I keep a mini drill, hammer, screwdriver, etc.. Always a good idea to have a screwdriver handy near the batteries.
** This drawer holds my extra keys and other miscellaneous items.
** The batteries!
** This drawer holds extra extension cords, picture hooks and let me not forget my favorite Command It hooks.
** Lightbulbs of all watts and sizes.

There you have it. Again just a simple solution but one that you may not have thought of and if it helps even one other person I’m a happy girl!

If there are certain items you are always looking for and can’t find then this just might work for you too.


One thought on “Organizing your lightbulbs and batteries

  • August 19, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    awesome idea! I had always wondered where in heck to store lightbulbs…and storing them with batteries actually does make sense, in a way…awesome, I’ll have to get one of these once we get moved! thanx!

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