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Book review - The organized life

By Marcia Francois

organizedlife.jpgI loved so many things about The organized life - secrets of an expert organizer by Stephanie Denton

It is small enough to hold comfortably and best of all, has gorgeous, bright, thick, glossy, coloured paper. I’m a very tactile person and this book feels just yummy in one’s hand.

I also loved the way it was written – not too wordy, but extremely rich in content.

The one thing you need to remember, on each page in a huge font: “the less you have, the less you have to organise

It’s divided into different sections for clutter, paper, closets, kitchen, time, storage, home office, bed and bath, garage, holiday shopping, photos and kids.

There are gorgeous pictures on the pages, checklists, questions to consider and it is chock-full of great tips that you can implement immediately afterwards.

There was one page I disagreed with:
Denton says that we need to shape our day according to our energy levels. This is exactly right – I teach the same thing.

She gives a couple of examples of tasks that are low-level (filing papers and paying bills) and high-level (making important phone calls). And all I’m saying is that what’s low-level for one person is not necessarily low-level for another.

Many of my clients need to be in real high-level mode to take on these supposed low-level tasks above :-) and I feel that you need to determine your low-level and high-level tasks according to your personality.

However, this is only one page out of 217 and I would definitely get the book. In fact, I considered buying my own copy. It’s only when I thought about where I would put yet another organising book that I thought twice about it.

If you've read the book, let me know what you thought in the comments!

Posted August 17, 2007, filed in Books, Resources


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From Sharon Kreighbaum - Staged Makeovers, August 17 2007

Book sounds great. I had a whole shelf of organizing books that I finally recycled to a friend. I did order this one since your blog was so enticing!

From Rachel B, August 17 2007

I wrote that fabulous quote on a post it note and stuck it below a magazine ad I clipped which reads, "May your finances be organized and your life remain random." I thought that was a good juxtaposition since I have less "finances" since a career move and having less makes me keep them very organized! I can't wait to check out the book (which I will borrow from Sharon).

From Charity Wilt, August 19 2007

sounds like a good book, but I agree with you Monica, I got rid of all my organizing books (except OFTIO, by Julie Morgenstern) because they pretty much ahd the samer information in it, just worded different. I might read the excerpt online but I won't add another organizing book to my collection. :)

From Stephanie Denton, August 23 2007

Hi Marcia ~~
Thanks for the nice review over here at Stacks and Stacks. I’m glad to hear you liked not just the content, but also the tactile elements of the book. We used design and organizing principles to communicate the information in a meaningful way – it’s nice to know you found it “yummy” as a result! Stephanie

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