Gorgeous Sexy Clutter


Have you ever wondered why you have never seen the words in the title together? Clutter is not sexy. It will not improve your love life.

If you are in a committed relationship, clutter is likely to start an argument instead of amour. If you are single and things progress to the bedroom, who wants to hook up with someone who can’t manage to put a bathrobe on a hook? Your bedroom is the easiest room to gauge your current level of organization.

Improve Your Love Life With These Products
Even at the expense of the rest of your house, keep your bedroom organized. Your bedroom can serve as your sanctuary from the chaos when you don’t have time to keep up with the rest of your house. If you are finding it chronically difficult to keep your bedroom organized it may be time to invest in some help.

drawer.JPGDrawer organizers like this one are a lower cost method for getting your clothes off the top of the dresser and back inside where they belong.

Closet organizing systems are a step-up. If you have the financial means, the ultimate “closet organizing tool” is a Professional Organizer who comes in a designs a system.


The ultra-ultimate and my current most coveted item is the bed shown above.

Remember, keep your bedroom somewhere you (and others) want to be. Your love life will thank you.


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