Reader’s Clutter Hacks: Unveiling mysteries, one item at a time


one_at_a_timeHow quickly have you turned a blind eye to a stack o’stuff that has become something to avoid like the plague? It’s funny how quickly the brain will choose to ignore the existence of something that it can’t identify at a glance. The piles on the shelves in the office, or on the kitchen counter, or in the closet…

Last week found me in standing in front of a clothes bag hanging on the closet door outside my office. While I’d turned a blind eye for a month, I was finally ready to see the light. The bag was on the floor in seconds revealing… a skirt and two lonely hangers. Oh! I was wondering where that skirt was! The skirt went to the bedroom closet and the hangers got hung.

[LG]See what you store![/LG]How many times have we found some “lost” thing of value–a check, phone number, or piece of client information in one of these piles?! For those stale, stubborn mystery stacks, we need apply one simple concept: take one item at a time.

– What is it?
– Where does it belong?
– Take it there.

One item at a time.

Submitted by Shawn Tuttle with Project Simplify


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