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Reader Hack: Use Different Color Suitcases for Each Family Member

colored_bags1.pngI use packing cubes from Same kind of idea as the pack it envelopes.

I have 3 sons, and we go from Boston to Disney World every year. I use a different color packing cube for each kid. Cuts down on unpacking time, too, as I just drop the cubes in the drawer and I’m done.

Once, at the Orlando airport a skycap said our bag was too heavy. He brought me a cardboard box and I opened my suitcase, whipped out a few of the cubes, and my repack was done. He commented it was the fastest he’d ever seen.

Since that event, I’ve bought several smaller suitcases. Airlines really have low weight limits, so for our family it’s better to bring 3-5 small bags than 1-2 larger ones.

Someday if it is just my husband and I maybe I will try the carryon only trick

Submitted by: Beth

Posted August 28, 2007, filed in Reader Hacks, Clutter Control Products


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From Karli, August 30 2007

Great travel tips - I love using the smaller bags its so much easier.

From Tes, August 30 2007

The colorful suitcases pictured are too cute. Where are they from?

From BL Ochman, August 30 2007

Tes - I found them here

From cherry, November 17 2007

yuk i don't like it

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