Closet cubbies and shelves: Simplify your life

closet_before2 closet_after2When I was visiting my sister I gave her an early birthday gift. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" better than brand new shelves to organize your front closet! Don't you think?

I LOVE these cubbies and shoe stackers!! Look at how much room they create. I even have one in my own front closet if you remember.

I think my sister was most excited to finally have somewhere for her purse and a I'm outta here shelf! There is even a basket for ball caps and winter hats and mitts.

I loved how this looked so much that I thought they should just take the door off or at least leave the door opened on a permanent basis so we could just sit and stare at it lovingly for hours on end. Yeah funny thing, they didn't think that was such a great idea, which is so totally weird but whatever!

Show us your before and after photos – Here's how!

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