Disaster Preparedness: Storing Vital Documents


emergency-file2The Red Cross will tell you that the first step to being prepared for a disaster is to get a kit. The Red Cross sells back packs full of supplies for $49.95 and $64.95. But I was curious about how to store all of the vital documents needed in a crisis. I’ve found three kits in different price ranges:

Smead’s Emergency All-in-One is available at Office Depot during hurricane season. Unfortunately it’s not available nationwide but if you live in the southeastern states or Texas, you may be in luck. It holds vital documents in one convenient place. Documents will stay clean and dry in this plastic protective case with a handle. There are 13 file pockets plus sleeves for storing: birth certificates, passports, social security cards, titles and deeds, insurance policies and photos. The cost is: $12.99

Life documents by Get buttoned up is a binder filled with dividers and pockets for legal papers, health and insurance information and caregiver information. There is a special section for an emergency plan. You can fill out the forms manually or use the CD to complete them on your computer. Then print a copy for the binder. The price is $29.95. The Life documents binder is available at their site, or at the Container Store.[LG]Check out this fire-safe file box![/LG]

Suze Orman offers The Ultimate Protection Portfolio on her website. The case is water and crush-resistant, with folders covering ten categories. There is plenty of storage for documents and CDs. In addition the Portfolio is loaded with information. It includes an audio of Suze walking you through each step plus a ten-book library to help you through any emergency. The Portfolio costs $58.74


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