You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto: Organizing Opposite Personalities


europileWhen my husband Mack and I first started dating, we lived in Germany where coins are a huge part of the currency. Mack threw extra change on his dresser at his house. Not wanting to be a nag, I watched silently in horror over the next two years until I could no longer take it!

I dumped the entire heap into a box, and I spent the next several weeks…yes, you did read that right…weeks…sorting and rolling over 600 bucks!

We deposited his small fortune in the bank, but just when I thought my work was done…a few days later, I opened another drawer at his house and found a new stash of change!

Organizing is a personal thing
We’re perfect examples of the difference between people. While I would have stored all my spare change in one place and never let the amount multiply to such an extreme, Mack was perfectly happy with his method. Organizing is like that – what works for one will likely not work for another.

I have seen so many people give up on getting organized because they try a method that just won’t work for them. Life would be downright boring if we were all the same. Differences are something to be celebrated, not scorned. Believe it or not, you can find a healthy balance that will keep both people happy.

How do you and the people in your household apply your different preferences to organizing projects?

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