Weekend Watchaholic? Here's my watch storage solution

watches.pngOne of my obsessions in life is watches.

I thought I'd show you how I organise mine. The strange thing is we were burgled just over two years ago and all 13 watches were taken except the one I was wearing and right now, I'm up to 10 again.

I use a plastic organiser which I bought ages ago. It doesn't take up much space but keeps my 10 watches beautifully organised.

The middle sections are removable so if I get any more watches, there's space for them underneath. At the moment, I have a watch needing a new battery in the section underneath.

If you're a fellow watchaholic, try this solution or this one.

Happy organising!

One thought on “Weekend Watchaholic? Here's my watch storage solution

  • September 21 2007 at 11:34 am

    Very good idea to this problem , often it is the little things that we just have hanging around on our dressers that cause the most clutter. What a great idea I think I might try the same with my rings ,and earrings .

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