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Reader Hack: Taming Closet Clutter

By guest

neat_closetHere's a suggestion for keeping your closet and clothes under control:

When I buy a new item of clothing, I get rid of three items of clothing. This way my closet is not bursting at the seams. Generally, most people have clothes that they just don't wear or haven't even looked at for the past two years.

It's also a good way to donate or give away items that you're not using, can't wear, or don't wear. In Feng Shui practice, you must always clear out to receive something new!!

Submitted by Sandi

Posted September 24, 2007, filed in Reader Hacks, Clutter Control Products, Clutter Hacks


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From Barbara, September 24 2007

My new place is so much more Feng Shuied, since I have donated so many of my old clothes and furniture. If I did't donate, my new place would be a place of clutter.

From abby, September 25 2007

This is very true
Im going to clean my closet right now.

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