How I Organized My Vehicle


bin1I purchased some baskets the other day that I thought would be perfect for my son’s toys in the van. I am so happy with it; it’s much larger than what I was using. Don’t these toys look organized and tidy sitting in their beautiful container like that…..yah right….don’t be fooled….by the time we get to wherever it is we’re going, you’ll find these toys thrown all over the vehicle…sigh….but at least clean-up is a snap.

Here’s a shot of the area between the driver and passenger seats. We have a mesh netting type thing that came with the van that hooks to the sides of the seats. Inside this I have three baskets. Two are for CD’s (one for grown up CD’s and one for the kid’s music) and one bigger basket for all the miscellaneous crap essentials that you need while driving.
bin2I know you are just dying to know what I keep in the red basket (lol). So…

1. First, in a separate container (inside the red basket) I have a mini hairspray (for last minute emergencies!), hand lotion, bandaids, Nutrigrain bars and a pen.

2. In another separate container I have our sunglass cases, gum and a package of tissue.

3. Then I have a big ol tub of wet wipes because as all moms know you can never have too many of these.

4.Next to the wipes is my coupon case. I like to keep the case in the van so it is one less thing to remember to grab as I’m going out the door. I don’t like to keep it in my purse because I keep my purse to a bare minimum….in fact my purse is just one of those wallets on a string.

5. Finally I have my emergency baby feeding kit which contains a bib, facecloth and spoon and no I haven’t used it yet but I like to be prepared…lol.

There you have it! And as you can see even our van can’t escape my freak like obsession love of baskets!


2 thoughts on “How I Organized My Vehicle

  • September 26, 2007 at 10:59 am

    Hi Laura!

    Maintenance is key for this sort of thing. My car is so packed with little gadgets that is am keeping “just in case.” I took the top off during the summer (here in Los Angeles it’s warm/hot through October and November) and I had to remove items from the back of my Jeep… so the items in my cab wouldn’t be stolen. It’s incredible what my head THINKS I need, but I really don’t. I spend so much time maintaining all that essenticial stuff… picking up, cleaning up etc. That’s really key. I try to have my car detailed every 2.5 weeks, and then I do the infamous car-boogie. But with less stuff, I do spend less time keeping it tidy. And I like that.

    – John

  • September 26, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    Another product you might use instead of the basket, may be Item #80228, which is a cargo organizer. It can actually be minimized to a 1 compartment or expanded into a 3 compartment organizer to fit all kinds of items.

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