Clean the coat closet for a cause.


hangers1.gifThe time has come for the seasonal shifting of coats. Anyone who lives in the northland will tell you that during the Fall and Winter, closets swell with coats and jackets designed to handle the unpredictable weather. When each day’s weather is a surprise, most closets are jammed with an assortment of options. Maybe too many…

This is a good time to go through the closet and find any coats or snow pants that the kids have outgrown or items that you haven’t worn for a season or two. Go through the hats, scarves and mittens too. Then donate them to a local charity that will put gently-used coats into the hands of low-income children or a local shelter that can distribute coats or jackets to homeless people. Not only will you tidy up your closet, you’ll help someone else in the process!


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