6 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Decorating


crystal-and-hollyIf you haven’t started your holiday decorating already (or even if you have!), here are a few tips to help you simplify the process, reduce stress and get back to experiencing the joys of your holiday decorating traditions!

1. Decorate less! This year, try using only half of your decorations. Spending less time displaying decorations will give you more time to enjoy them. You’ll also have less to put away after the holidays!

2. Don’t add to your decorations, REPLACE them! If you buy a new decoration, let go of an old one.

3. Create a decorating routine. Use pictures of last year’s decorations as a guide to help you figure out where to put everything more quickly.

4. When you put a decoration out on display, put something away. Put your non-holiday decorations in your holiday storage box until the holidays are over.

5. If you have sentimental decorations that you really don’t want to display anymore, set up holiday treasure box to separate them from the ones you use and put them somewhere special and out of the way. Set a limit on how much space you’ll devote to decorations you don’t use though. If you have too many, consider setting them up and taking photos and then donating them or giving them to a family member that will use them.

6. If you have decorations that are worn out or broken, toss them. If they are perfectly good, but you just don’t really like any more, give them away or donate them. Don’t just keep them out of habit.[LG]We carry all kinds of holiday storage containers![/LG]

Do you have any good holiday decorating tips??


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