The Key to Organizing: Do it Now!


objects_lock_metal_282448_m.jpg“It’s often not the big things that stop us but the little things that we just don’t get around to. But little things done consistently can have a profound impact on your business.”
Robert Middleton

I read this quote designed to inspire business people to get busy marketing themselves and their products. And as often happens, my thoughts turned to organizing. I realized that this advice could be applied to all aspects of life. If we just substituted the word: home or life, it would be the same kind of counsel I give clients all the time. It’s the day-to-day choices that get people into trouble. The organizing process becomes problematic when you ignore the mail or the piles of laundry until the stacks start to topple. If you hang the keys on a hook or throw them in a basket, you won’t end up searching for them. If you put the dishes in the dishwasher the kitchen will feel cleaner. Staying on top of things is the key!

In the time you spend talking yourself out of doing something…you could focus your energy and get it done!


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