Getting to the Root of Clutter


simplicityYou are determined this time. You’re going to organize your home and KEEP it organized. Then, before you realize what’s happened, your home has succumbed to chaos again in just a few short weeks. How many of you find yourselves in this endless cycle? I know I do.

When you really think about it, clutter is so much more than that stack of papers or the clothes you no longer wear. Clutter is the dozens of different distractions you are bombarded with every day. Clutter is ANYTHING that is preventing you from living a simple, beautiful, and harmonious life. Unhealthy relationships and negative beliefs about yourself are forms of emotional clutter that can sap your energy and dampen your spirit.

Chances are, if you have a problem with physical clutter and disorganization, you probably have other “clutter” issues in your life as well. Even if your surroundings are perfectly organized, you can reap benefits from simplifying your life emotionally; free time, increased peace of mind, greater meaning in life.

Be aware of where you focus your energy each day, and consider ways to make your life easier. And be nice to yourself, even if you think you don’t deserve it! Even the smallest of changes can bring a renewed sense of calm and well being to you life.


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