Are You Smarter Than Sophie?


Attention all Post-it Note junkies —

3M is sponsoring a contest called Sophie Smarts, which tests your Post-it IQ for a chance to win one of the prizes pictured here: Pop-up Notes in a Desk Grip Dispenser, Flag Highlighter, or a Note Holder Book.

Here’s the scoop, according to Sophie: “Sophie Smarts is a great way to test your knowledge about Post-it® brand products. There are 7 questions to answer before you can claim that you are as smart as Sophie…you need to answer ALL 7 questions correctly. If you get even one question wrong, you will have to start over. Answer the questions then spin for a chance to win…”

You have to create a game profile to play, which consists of typing in your email address and a password. It took me about 10 seconds to do that.

Then you start answering questions. Now, I loooove me some Post-its, but I’ll admit these questions are a little bit tough! Who knew there was so much to know about stickies?!! (Let’s just say that I was not above using the Cliff Notes to Sophie Smarts while taking my quiz. The entry from Melissa625 on 3/22/08 was especially helpful…)

After correctly answering the questions, you must spin to win. Unfortunately, even though I got 100% because of the “assistance” that I received, my spin was 2 out of 3 and so I lost out on a free prize. (Karma, perhaps, for using a cheat sheet?) But on the bright side, I got to check out Sophie’s website and learned 4 easy ways to be a Post-it Note hoarder AND stay organized.[LG]Here’s a great place to keep your Post-its![/LG]

If you are like Marcia, one of CCF’s fabulous contributors, and you like to use Post-its to help you get organized, then what are you waiting for?! Try your hand at winning some trendy Post-it prizes…


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