Repurposed Item of the Week: Bill Organizer


114632-bill-organizerThis bill organizer is pretty spiffy on it’s own, especially with the little drawer underneath. It has the days of the month numbered across the front so you can place your bills into the slots either on the day they are due or the day you need to mail them.

I found a different purpose for mine, though.

I have a lot of family and friends with birthdays and anniversaries to remember, not to mention Mother’s day, etc. I’ll do all my card shopping for the month around the first, write names on the envelopes so I remember whose is whose, and place them into the slot for the day that they need to be mailed off. If I’m feeling particularly industrious, I’ll sign them, address them and stamp them first. Then all I have to do is drop them in my mailbox on that day and, voila – no one is forgotten!

What would you use the bill organizer for??


One thought on “Repurposed Item of the Week: Bill Organizer

  • May 9, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    When I was younger, I remember getting a credit card finance fee for paying late. Just stuck the bill somewhere and never saw it again! It really bothered me so I started placing all my unpaid bills in a pendaflex file. This product is better because it serves the same purpose but it’s sure better looking.

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