Freak of the week Nomination: Shannon from Yellowfence Blog


workspaceI have the best FREAK of the WEEK! She is the most organized person I have ever met. I used to teach organizational classes for a living, and she makes me look messy. Very messy. Her closets in her house have EVERYTHING in labeled boxes. You could eat off the floor at all times. If I ask her what she is doing tonight, she checks her list and tells me.

She is my organizational hero! She flew here once to help me gut my office, and it was the best, most productive three days of my life. Without a doubt, she deserves the honor of Freak of the Week. Her name is Shannon Beckham and she lives in Jacksonville, Florida. I have never in my life met someone with more attention to the order in her home and her life. She amazes me every day. It is almost like a sickness, and I am SO JEALOUS of it!! She never keeps ANYTHING she does not use and love, and she is the best planner I ever met. The picture is of her home office and her son’s art space… IT ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE THIS!

I am sure it always looks like this!! She should be a professional organizer. I have never in my life met someone more planned, thorough, and organized as her. She is TOTALLY the Freak of the week. Maybe of the year! Her name is Shannon and she blogs at


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  • August 22, 2008 at 11:05 am

    My apologies, Shannon – this got lost in our system for a while. It was actually submitted to us in June. My apologies also for leaving out the name of you friend who submitted it. Unfortunately, I have no record of her name now. I hope you can figure out who it is by the hints in the post.

    By the way – your office is so NEAT!


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