Organizing Fever


organizeOk, so the plan was 5 minutes a day, right? Well, recently this strange phenomenon has overtaken my brain. My “5 minutes” has turned into several days of wanting nothing but to clean and organize and rearrange everything in sight!

It happens only once or twice a year. Maybe it’s the idea of starting my New Year fresh. Maybe it was that my house had reached such ultimate grossness that I didn’t want to be home anymore– I don’t know. But I’m LOVING it!

To date, I have taken down all my Christmas decorations and stored them all in my shed in these moisture resistant Sterilite bins. Then I cleaned and rearranged everything in my living room.

I cleaned my dining room and home office area and took my recumbent bike out from underneath the table and put it out where I don’t have to move it to use it. (Hopefully that will be the incentive I need!)

I ruthlessly went through my clothes, cleaned and organized my bedroom and both bathrooms and then I tackled the dreaded laundry room. I managed to wash all the laundry, some of which I hadn’t seen in quite some time – several “oh, there it is!” moments. 😉
Now I have several bags for the thrift store.

Now I love to be home again. I love to sit in my pretty living room and watch the fish. I love to do laundry – ok, that’s pushing it – I don’t hate to do laundry, anymore. And my bedroom is a relaxing haven again.

But don’t worry – I still have a LOT of 5 minute (or more) projects ahead of me. I’ll take pictures and post them as I go.


3 thoughts on “Organizing Fever

  • January 7, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    I have to tell you, I took your ‘5 minutes a day’ and applied it to every ‘resolution’ I made this year. Only I changed it to 15 minutes. What’s 15 minutes? I have all kinds of little 15 minute blocks in a day.

    So now, I’m using one of them to read my bible. Just 15 minutes, unless of course I want to read more. And I’m using another 15 minutes to walk. I’m doing that as soon as I get out of my car at work. I walk around the building one time before I enter the building. Takes about 15 minutes. And I want to do it again at the end of the day, though I haven’t yet. But I will. What’s 15 minutes? I have it. I’m using another 15 minute block to write a couple/few more pages of my latest book. And I’m cleaning/organizing/uncluttering for 15 minutes every evening. I can’t believe how productive I’m feeling… 15 minutes at a time.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Leslie’s last blog post..’09 Resolutions

  • January 7, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    I’m on a a binge of organizing clutter and clearing it away, and have found a great book on the topic to help! It’s “Your Spacious Self: Clear your Clutter and Discover Who You Are.” If kind of offers a new model of clearing, combining space clearing with the modern practicality of clutter clearing. It’s a way to BE, one step, drawer or moment at a time, as the book says. And don’t let the word ‘clutter’ in the title fool you into thinking this book is only for those who us who have yet to get away from physical excess and too many possessions. Even if you’re one of those tidy, organized, neat-as-a-pin types, this book is for you, too.

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