Handy Tools for When Life’s Not Fair


logoSheFinds.com is a great site with tips on fashion and beauty, buying guides and more. A few days ago, they featured a couple of Stacks and Stacks products – both the shoe stretcher and waist band stretcher.

Here’s a portion of the post:

Making Stuff Bigger
Jeans not quite too tight, but you could use an extra inch or so in the waist? A waistband stretcher ($30) can let you dig those skinny pants out of the back of your closet. Just we the waistband of a cotton skirt or pair of pants, and use the stretcher to add an inch…or three…in the waist.

If your shoes are too snug, the same principle applies: use this adjustable shoe stretcher ($50), specially made for women’s shoes, to stretch those stilettos until they don’t pinch your toes.

They were also featured in a spot on Better.tv!

Thanks, SheFinds!


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