A Few Of My Favorite Things, Part II


Eva threw down the gauntlet last week, and I can’t say no to a good challenge! So it’s with this in mind that I bring you my list of favorite things (aka organizers).

Of course, in order for an organizer to make THE list, it has to be willing to give me 100%. I’m talking double and sometimes triple duty! I own and have used each of these items for at least 2 years, and each has exceeded my expectations.

(1) Cosmetic Organizer Travel Case By Travelon

I’m a military wife. And that means sometimes I live in distant lands, existing without the creature comforts of American housing. Like closets and cabinets.

I bought my Travelon bag in 2005 when I needed a make-shift bathroom cabinet for a year. Then I used it for all kinds of traveling. And now it’s back to being bathroom storage. It has traveled around the world with me…oh, I dunno…like 3 times…and it’s still standing!

It’s big, it’s sturdy, and it’s mine! When it comes to holding toiletries, there is no other option for me but the Cosmetic Organizer Travel Case By Travelon.

(2) At-A-Glance Daily Action Planner

I’m the kind of person who will never go digital with my planner. I like to have something tangible, something that I can write in. Plus, if I spill my green tea on it, I don’t have to worry about losing data or device!

The At-A-Glance Daily Action Planner has all I need: lots of pretty little pages to write all over!

(3) Post-it Portable Note Case

I hate it when I need to leave a message for someone or a reminder note for myself, and yet I have nothing to write on! That’s where the Post-it Portable Note Case comes in. I can throw it in my purse or glove box, and I’m ready to slap a note down anywhere, anytime.

(4) Oxo Good Grips Magnetic Clips and Magnetic Mini Clips

Closes up chips. Holds messages on the fridge. Keeps matching gloves together. I think there’s about a zillion uses for organizing stuff with these things!

The Minis are my favorite because…well, they’re just so darn cute! And they also flip upside down and stand on end, to hold notes or pictures.

On the other hand, the Big ‘Uns may not be quite so cute, but they still do a pretty bang up job.

(5) The Butler Bag

Accessories are my weakness. I have LOTS of purses. Shoes. Purses. Wallets. Purses. Jewelry. Purses.

First, I decided to buy a Butler Bag Classic in Expresso. It worked so well that I bought the bigger Butler Bag Hybrid in Expresso. Then I decided I simply must have another one, but this time in Red Licorice.

What can I say? Butlers do a great job of keeping me organized when on-the-go! And that’s a hard bargain to walk away from.

And there you have it! 5 of my can’t-live-without-them organizers…


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