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Reader Review - Modular Storage

By guest

corner-shelfAs a sewer/crafter, I seem to have so much stuff, but not enough room…. but about 4 months back I found this site!

I started ordering the modulars. Not only are they easy to put together, whenever I either feel like changing things around I can just flip them over and move the entire box with items already inside. !!!GRIN!!! They hold up to 200 pounds, and have so many styles and uses. But my favorite will always be the ones with a shelf. I can sit it staight up and now have all my patterns oganized. I used to have them all in a giant old brown box. It always looks neat and there's seiously a place for EVERY ITEM! Thanks so much fo such a terrific product!!!

Submitted by Kristen Breitweg Thanks Kristen!

Posted February 10, 2009, filed in Reader Reviews, Clutter Control Products


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