Carmen’s Favorite Organizers A to Z – Part 2


(2) B is for Bento Boxes by Plastica.

In Japan, bento boxes have long been used as lunch boxes. The structure of each bento helps to pack a meal based upon the Japanese food pyramid, which includes grains, meats, and veggies. (What?! No junk food?)

But bentos don’t just emphasize a balanced diet and portion control, they also keep lunches mighty organized! And so, it’s lucky for us that the bento custom has gone international.

The Bento Box by Plastica has stackable compartments to separate different foods. And it also allows you to personalize; choose from 3 sizes and several colors. Overall, it brings a very modern feel to a very ancient concept!

How much? $24 – 38
Where? Buy online or at the Plastica Shop in LA
Why? It’s healthy, it’s “green”, and it keeps your lunch in order! [LG]Pack yout Bento with a drink in this lunch tote![/LG]

This post is part of a series on the Get Organized! blog called “Organizers A to Z”. Cool organizers you could live without, but why would you want to?! Stop by and follow the rest of the series…


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