Reader Hack – Taming Toys

toy-basketTo keep your childrens toys off the floor and organized, only allow one toy bin per child on their bedroom floor. When they are done playing, make a game of putting the toys away by seeing who can get the most toys in the bins the fastest.

Clutter Hack from Sara Solis – Thanks Sara!

One thought on “Reader Hack – Taming Toys

  • February 18 2009 at 4:59 pm

    This it is a great item. This keeps my kid's toys organized and in one place. This also is a neat item to have to keep those toys put away. If you're like me, who is always injuring myself when I walk into the livingroom and I manage to step on a block. Ouch! No fun at all. This way my son's toys are in one place, and I no longer of feeling the pain of stepping on a lego or G.I. Joe.

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