Carmen’s Favorite Organizers A to Z – Part 3


(3) C is for the Calendar Tin.

Calendars normally contain your reminders, appointments, and important dates. But this calendar doesn’t hold words – it holds office supplies!

The Calendar Tin stands 3 “stories” high. (Not literally, silly! That would be pretty big.)

Each story is a compartment…one for tacks, one for paper clips, and one for rubber bands. And all of these supplies are included with the tin, which makes it even a better bargain.

As far as how the calendar works, each of the 3 sections swivels to set the day, date, and month.

Choose from 4 colors: blue, cream, green, and red.

How much? $9.50
Where? Buy online at The Daily Planner (look under “Desktop Tools”)
Why? It multi-tasks, it stores stuff, and it keeps you on schedule!

This post is part of a series on the Get Organized! blog called “Organizers A to Z”. Cool organizers you could live without, but why would you want to?! Stop by and follow the rest of the series…


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